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Happy Valentines Day, President’s Day Weekend and Year of the Monkey!

In this update I am including January 2016 Sonoma County Market Updates. My website now has under “Resources” a place you can look up statistics for all areas in Sonoma County. Feel free to use this resource. Below is a link to the most recent trend:

Whither the market?

The market is quite interesting right now: Very low interest rates – some of the lowest in 3 years! Beth Rudometkin of Community First Credit Union quoted as of yesterday the following sample rates:

USDA / 100% financing / 30 year fixed : 3.125% Unbelievable…..
FNMA / 3% down / 30 year fixed: 3.625%
FNMA / 20% down / 30 year fixed: 3.5%
FHA / 3.5% down / 30 year fixed: 2.875%
( Note: These change constantly)

I am holding a super Open House on 8382 Trenton with Roses, champagne and chocolates. The property has a new price so come join me Sunday afternoon 2-4!

Your house matters,

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