Springing Forward in Storms



Lots  going on this weekend:

* It’s time to Spring Forward (see above) don’t forget to set your clocks.

* We have a good amount of wet weather. There is differing information out there as to what this means. We may have some moderate flooding in low areas.



Here are the best places to check:


Just is case, here are some tips to help you during very wet weather, storms and potential flooding:

* Avoid large amounts of water covering roads.

* Move items out of low points including storage and cars

* Make sure you have flashlights, batteries and alternative power sources if appropriate

* Get a few gallons of drinking water

*Make sure you have extra blankets

* If you are on septic and in a low area, plan to use minimal water going down drains as septics can flood. Plan to do laundry before the storm.

* Have an emergency plan in place for your family and loved ones. Don’t forget your pets! My dog has a hard time with all the wind and rain and branches coming down.

* Consider whether having your vet prescribe something to assist your pet is appropriate. Rescue Remedy and Benadryl can assist with anxiety but talk to your vet for information.

  • The river is scheduled to crest at near 35 feet on Saturday 3/12/16. Check NOA sites for historic levels in your area.
If you live outside the Russian River area, it can be frustrating not knowing if your house is safe.

CALL ME or EMAIL ME. As soon as realistic, I am happy to go do an exterior check on your property to make sure that it is safe and will report back to you.

The weather is something we have no control over. Being prepared and staying connected is important. I care about you! I am never too busy to assist you or someone you know..
Stay safe and dry.


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