Water, Water Everywhere


We are experiencing a set of storms that may last for at least a week.

The latest forecast indicates that the river may crest at 36.3 feet on Monday Jan 9. If true, that will be moderate levels of flooding.  Be prepared just in case it might impact you or your property.
1)    Plan on removing items in lower areas prior to potential flood and storms.
2)    Have flashlights, water garments, batteries, blankets, food and water in your home due to potential power outages and/ or potential road blockages.
3)    Plan on an adventure and be patient.
I have some handy resources for you to use:
This Provides information in Sonoma County on weather, flooding, emergency broadcast information, details on at what levels the river floods, road closures etc.
Please let me know if you wish me to check on your property after the high crest stage if you aren’t currently in the area…..I am happy to be a resource to you and make sure your home is safe!
If you are here: This is a time for our community to band together and help each other out.  If you are driving, make sure to avoid flooded areas.

Speaking of water…….

Michael Bolger, a local resident has created a fabulous website which predicts levels of anatoxcins in the river during low flow. Hard to think about summer time when flows are reduced. His model is able to predict when the river may be toxic to pets, wildlife and humans.
Our River Matters!
Thank you for being proactive….

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