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SEPTEMBER 20, 2017

Proposed Russian River Watershed Pathogen TMDL

The California Regional Water Quality Control Board,North Coast Region (Regional Water Board) is proposing to amend the Water Quality Control Plan for the North Coast Region (Basin Plan) to establish a Pathogen Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and Program of Implementation (TMDL Action Plan) for the Russian River Watershed. Regional Water Board staff invites you to attend a public workshop to learn about theDraft Pathogen TMDL and TMDL Action Plan.


Regional Water Board staff has drafted the Pathogen Total Maximum Daily Load and Program of Implementation for the Russian River Watershed (TMDL Action Plan) and the Staff Report for the TMDL Action Plan (Staff Report). The draft Staff Report describes the watershed setting, the applicable regulatory framework, and desired watershed conditions. It further documents pathogen pollution and impairments in the Russian River and its tributaries, identifies potential sources of pathogens, and estimates the pathogen loading capacity of the system based on the draft statewide bacteria objectives for E.colinow out for public review. The draft Staff Report provides the scientific basis and technical evidence of the Pathogen TMDL and proposes a concentration-based Waste Load Allocation and Load Allocation for the fecal indicator bacteria, E.colifor pathogen sources. The draft TMDL Action Plan contains the technical components of the Pathogen TMDL and the draft Program of Implementation. The Program of Implementation includes a proposed Advanced Protection Management Program (APMP) boundary, within which Onsite Waste Treatment System (OWTS) owners will have certain responsibilities to confirm the proper functioning of OWTS. The draft Action Plan also includes a prohibition of the discharge of fecal waste materials that cause or contribute to an exceedance of bacteria water quality objectives except as authorized by waste discharge requirements or action of the Regional Water Board or State Water Board.

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