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Family, Friends & Neighbors,

The past few days have been challenging for all of us who live or love the Wine Country and Sonoma County. The fires have devastated many friends, clients, people I know. The Russian River has been mostly without cell service and internet. If I have not responded to you please know that it has simply been an issue of lack of connectivity.

Below is a list of resources with links to help you get the best possible information on what is going on:

The best map I’ve found on the fires

Regular updates on fires and resources in general

Fire Updates

Public Safety, shelters and animal rescue

For alerts on evacuations and other items

The best preparation for fire evacuation and safety

You can also text 888777 and text up to 5 zip codes to receive updates on emergencies. If you are in the local area on radio best news dates may be: 1350 AM local radio for fire news information.

Remember, staying connected and preparation are our best tactics. Supporting each other and giving to those in need, and to the animals in need is the best we can do.

Thank you for being part of my life.

With gratitude,

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